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Pure Life Experiences, Marrakech Luxury Travel Expo

Posted by Alecia Cohen on September 14, 2015 at 9:35 AM

 Pure Life Experiences, Palais Des Congres

PURE Life Experiences is one of the leading travel expositions for high-end and experiential travel that will take place in Marrakech from November 12th – 15th, 2015 at the Palais Des Congres.  PURE Marrakech has become one of the world’s leading, annual and exclusive conferences that caters to the top-end of the market. Travel agencies and up market, luxury suppliers attend to have the privledge to expand their network.

The Founder of PURE Marrakech is Serge Dive.  His vision is that “Experiential Travel is a journey away from home, involving a truly memorable and powerful experience (active, cultural, natural, social or spiritual) that will enrich a person’s life and improve the way they connect with both loved ones and with the world.” Founded in 2009 by Serge Dive and Sarah Ball Pure Life Experiences offers travel suppliers who attend the Marrakech expo a unique platform to sell high-end experiential travel in a changing marketplace where luxury consumers are looking for something different.

PURE Marrakech hand selects high-end travel agencies, along with other travel suppliers such as hotels and private travel designers with a global reputation who are capable of interested and capable to expand brands, innovative ideas and ethos to an exclusive market. Some of the Morocco based list of attendees for 2015 ranges from agents and hotels such as Abercrombie and Kent to the Beldi group along with Ezzahra, Hotel Sahrai, Jnane Tamsa, Kasbah Toubkal, Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps, Palais Amani, Plan It Morocco and Taj Omaya.

The Palais Des Congres where Pure Marrakech takes place has become an in-demand destination among many event organisers who plan events in Marrakech. Other annual expos that use the Palais Des Congres are the Marrakech Film Festival and the Marrakech Design Expo. The interior space allows for seminars, conferences, indoor exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions and elegant rooms for parties. The venue holds thousands of different events every year including cultural, social and business events.

For more information about Pure Life Experiences

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