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An Insiders Guide to Moroccan Hammams & Spas, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Posted by Alecia Cohen on March 23, 2017 at 8:55 AM

One of the the must-do experiences during a Moroccan vacation is to spend the afternoon at leisure in a traditional Moroccan Hammam & Spa. For locals, the Hammam is a weekly must-do ritual.

Moroccan Hammam & Spas - An Insider Guide: What is a Moroccan Hammam?

A Morocccan Hammam is a traditional bath house which has been historically used for bathing. Each neighborhood in Morocco’s medinas (old cities) has a local hammam where men and women bathe separately; in separate spaces or during varied opening hours. Often centuries old, the Moroccan hammam maintains its importance within the community. Today, mid-range hammams are popular in modern Moroccan neighborhoods and, alike the community hammam in the medinas, are open for foreigners to visit. For a more upscale experience, there are private hammams that cater specifically to tourists along with luxury riads and boutique hotels that offer a combination of hammam and spa options with leading beauty brands.

What are the benefits of a Moroccan Hammam? Hydration, Relaxation, Smoother Skin and a local experience of how Moroccan men and women have pampred themselves for centuries.

What is the Moroccan Hammam Ritual?

The Moroccan hammam begins with a traditional ritual of glazing the body with – ghassoul, a natural clay extracted from the Atlas Mountains and blended with water to rid the skin of impurities. Then black soap, is applied on the body, made with olive oil and eucalyptus leaves softens the skin prior to a body scrub. The next phase is rose water, made from Atlas roses and used to calm the skin; and finally argan oil to moisturize the skin, are essential components of this important ritual. During the Hammam Ritual you will enjoy a series of rooms starting with a warm room, then a very hot room, a warm room, then end in a cold room.

Where to I find the best Hammams in Morocco?

Hammams and Luxury Spas are located throughout Moroco's Imperial Cities and Coastal Regions. We offer our Top 13 + List of the Best Hammams in Morocco that we recommend. Some are located in luxury, boutique riads while others are stand along special spots Moroccan run, where you wil find both


Bains du Marrakech A hammam and spa in the Kasbah district and perhaps one of the best-known privately-run hammams. Guests are treated with Les Bains du Marrakech’s own line of all-natural beauty products. Must be booked in advance.
 Address: 2 Derb Sedra, Bab Agnaou, Kasbah
 Phone: +212-524-38-14-28

Heritage Spa Located in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, Heritage Spa offers a tailor made, luxury Hammam and Spa experience. This professional spa specializes in the art of wellness. Heritage offers a wide variety of natural ingredients in their treatments. The ingredients they use are organic and originate from plant extracts, including fragrant oils and aromatic waters and soaps. Address: Arset Aouzai Rd Phone:+212-524384333

Nausikaa Hammam & Wellness Centre An up-market hammam in the new city, each guest has a area including basin to bath and scrub. Rose water is popular in the treatments so expect to leave feeling fresh. 
This Hammam is also a wellness centre with special seaweed therapies offered with trained staff from France. Address: Ave Bahnini, Rte Ain Smen

Themes De Moulay Yacoub Located about 21 kilometres from Fes and known for being a spa village, Moulay Yacoub is known for its sulphur-rich hot springs. For a more up-market experience, the Thermes de Moulay Yacoub provide luxury treatments known to treat respiratory and rheumatic health issues. 
 Phone: +212-535-69-40-64

Gauthier Bain Turc 
With opening hours extending until 10 p.m. this up-market spa in the business district is popular with local professionals. Entrance provides access to the steam room and Jacuzzi Address: 25 Rue Jean Jaures
 Phone: +212-661-14-59-26

Azur Spa A spa in seaside Essaouira offering massage, hammam and beauty with argan products and local flower essences. Moroccan owned.
 Address: 15 rue Khalid Ben Walid 
Phone: +212-524-78-57-94

Ryad Lina, Luxury Boutique Riad & Spa This boutique riad has a traditional Moroccan Hammam and a Heated Pool. Available to travelers who stay at the riad and upon specially arrangements to those who stay at other properties. The Ryad Lina Luxury Hammam offers a traditional body scrub using authentic aromatic, spa products including black soap, rose and orange oil along with local herbs from the Rif Mountain region. Address: Hassan I 
Phone: +212-645-06-99-03

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