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Morocco Travel Visa and Passport Requirements

Travel Gear

  1. What To Bring When Traveling To Morocco


    Morocco Travel Gear Packing List
    In preparation for your Moroccan adventure, the following is a list of things to consider packing that will make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.
    Pre-departure Morocco Travel Essentials
    -Personal Identification (drivers license, if planning to drive)
    -Passport and visa if required
    -Airline Tickets
    -Traveller’s Checks (it is safer to bring these in case your credit cards gets lost/ stolen or do not work in an ATM machine)
    - Credit Cards 
    Currency (you can request Moroccan currency (the dirham) at your local bank or convert money at the airport)
    -Travel Insurance
    Health Documentation
    -Emergency Information
    -Guide books & maps
    -Photocopies of Documentation: (passport and tickets). You can also scan these, upload them to the internet and email them to yourself. Internet access is widely available in all major cities and most small ones in Morocco).

    Morocco Travel Medicines

    While no shots are required to enter Morocco, it is recommended that you come prepared with a personal medical kit, as you do not to spend time looking for a pharmacy and risk that they do not carry what you need. Morocco does have French pharmaceutical shops widely available throughout the country in all major cities and many villages therefore if basic things such as cold medicine, Imodium, allergy creams or over the counter medicine is needed you can visit one of them. Depending on your health condition, you may want to consult with your doctor before your trip. The climate in Morocco is diverse and different from what travelers are used to, so come prepared with the following:

    -Antibiotic for traveller’s diarrhoea
    - Antibiotic cream & disinfectant for scrapes and cuts
    -Birth control products
    -Disposable antibacterial wipes or cleanser 
    -Pepto-Bismol or Imodium for traveller’s diarrhoea. 
    -Motion sickness medicine
    -Cold medicine: Decongestant, antihistamine, cough syrup
    - Aspirin, Tylenol or other Pain relievers
    - Hydrocortisone cream
    -Insect repellent with DEET 30%
    Iodine purifying tablets
    -Re-hydration tablets
    Salt tablets
    -Sunscreen (SPF 30 + )
    - Skin Lotion (especially for Eczema)
    Sunglasses (or prescription glasses/ contact lenses, and solution)

    Morocco Travel Toiletries                                                               
    -Feminine hygiene products (tampons, etc.)
    - Condoms
    - Hair brush
    -Shampoo, Conditioner
    - Soap
    -Shaving Cream, razor
    -Toilet paper
    Tooth brush, tooth paste

    Morocco Travel Clothing
    -Conservative clothing is worn throughout Morocco (clothes should not be tight or too revealing)
    -Bathing suit (for beach resorts, hotel)
    Brimmed Hat, Visor, Hat, headscarf
    -A track suit
    Light gloves
    -Windbreaker or warm sweater for cooler months
    -Travel Footwear: broken in sneakers or hiking shoes, sandals, socks.

    Morocco Travel Electronics List

    Camera & Film (Kodak and Fuji is easy to find in Morocco but expensive)
    -Video Camera & Tapes
    Extra Camera Batteries
    Electrical plug adapter and or converter
    -Radiation shield for film
    -Travel Alarm
    -Flashlight / extra bulbs





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Travel Exploration

  1. Why Choose Travel Exploration: Your Morocco Travel Specialists


    Travel Exploration Is Your Moroccan Travel Specialists

    Travel Exploration  is your Moroccan Travel Specialist for private tours to Morocco that are customized and tailor-made by a Moroccan Travel Expert. Travel Exploration offers tours to Morocco's Imperial Cities, Seaside Resorts, the Sahara Desert region and Berber villages which enables our guests to engage in a meaningful travel experience.

    Morocco’s deep cultural, religious and traditional heritage of music, film, cuisine, natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes is an inspiration to any Moroccan traveler. A single trip to Morocco, where Christians, Jews and Muslims have lived side by side in peace for centuries, can offer traveler's a lifetime journey that will be treasured forever.

    Travel Exploration donates 5 percent of our profits annually to Berber Villages in the Zagora region of Morocco. The Travel Exploration mission and motto is to show reciprocity to  in return to Morocco's people - who work hard to share their culture, Moroccan hospitality and kindness to our guests.



    About Travel Exploration Morocco

    Travel Exploration is a Morocco travel agency and transport company that offers tours to Morocco for the independent traveler, groups and families. We specialize in tailor-made Tours to Morocco with a disctinctly authentic Moroccan flavor. Travel Exploration Morocco provides unique itineraries that offer an unparalleled diversity of travel and terraine through a people that are naturally hospitable, warm and friendly. Travel Exploration is a proud member of ASTA- the American Association of Travel Agents.

    When planning a tour to Morocco, you can count on Travel Exploration's benefits of an Anglo-Moroccan partnership:


    -A Multi-lingual English/Arabic/French speaking contact when planning and during your trip.


    -An understanding of your expectations and requirements.


    -Reservations are made through a licensed Moroccan Transport Company.

    ALECIA J. COHEN, Director & Morocco Travel Specialist

    Alecia Cohen is the Co-Founder and Director of Travel Exploration. After traveling in Morocco for nine years Ms. Cohen was inspired to create a Moroccan travel company that offers unique, tailor-made cultural tours to Morocco. Ms. Cohen is an expert on Moroccan culture and the domain of magazine print/online publishing as well as the subject of “world music”. She is the Founder of Global Rhythm Magazine and former Associate Publisher Zenbu Media Group. Ms. Cohen has lectured at the World Bank on Culture & Sustainable Development in Africa and been featured on CNN Financial News, Entrepreneurial Edge, Crain’s and Entrepreneur.

    HOSSAINE AMIRI, Tour Director & Southern Morocco Expert

    Hossaine Amiri is the Founder of Travel Exploration SARL. Mr. Amiri is an expert in Moroccan travel and culture. He has been working in the domain of tourism for seven years. He speaks fluent English, Arabaic, French and Berber. Prior to starting Travel Exploration, he worked for the tour company, Saharaian Voyage. Mr. Amiri was born in the quaint Village of Aït Ouizzine(The Beautiful Village) located near the city Nkob, nestled in the high-atlas mountains. In his former years, Mr. Amiri studied in Agdz. He studied the domain of tourisme in ESGI located in Ouarzazate.

    Contact A Morocco Travel Specialist:

    Alecia Cohen
    Hossaine Amiri



    USA: 917-703-2078

    MOROCCO: 212 66 14 89 960

    MOROCCO: 212 618 88 26 81


    100 Jay Street, Suite #7F
    Brooklyn, New York 11201 USA 
    USA: 917-703-2078


    24 Lot El Hassania La Resistance
    45000 Ouarzazate


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Morocco Travel Visa and Passport Requirements

  1. What are the Morocco Visa requirements for foreigner travelers?

    Morocco Travel Visa and Passport Requirements

    Morocco is a welcoming destination however there are a few things that must be done in preparing for your trip. Most travelers who want to visit Morocco can do so without applying for a visa if your trip will not exceed three months. However, is it essential that all travellers arrive with a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time you enter Morocco.

    Your stay as a visitor is restricted to three months, but may be extended at a Moroccan police station. Visiting areas outside of recognized tourist areas isn't recommended for safety reasons. Travel regulations are known to change without notice to the public. We recommend before you travel, to check the current regulations with Travel Exploration or the Moroccan Embassy in the USA.  
    Passport Required?
    Visa Required?
    Return Ticket Required?
    Australia & New Zealand
    Other EU
    South Africa
    Visas To Morocco: Required by all except the following
    Nationals of countries shown in the chart above for stays of up to 3 months; Nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Congo (Rep), Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Korea (Rep), Kuwait, Libya, Liechtenstein, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Niger, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela for stays of up to three months. Transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft within 24 hours provided holding onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport.

    What Morocco Travel documents will be required?

    In order to enter Morocco:
    Your passport must be valid for six months following date of entry.
    - Registration form in an academic Program in Morocco.
    - No visa required for stay up to three months for North Americans and Europeans.
    - Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel.
    - Vaccination: International Certificate Vaccination for Yellow Fever required if arriving from infected area within five days.

    Please Note: Entry visas are only valid for three months; visitors that wish to stay longer should apply at the local police station within fifteen days of arrival. For other visa enquiries you should contact the Embassy.

    Morocco Consulate Contact Information
    Consulate General of Morocco
    10 East 40th Street,
    New York, NY 10016
    Phone: (212) 758-2625
    Fax: (212) 779-7441

    Morocco Embassy, Canada
    38, Range Road
    KIN 8J4 Ottawa- Ontario
    Phone: +1-613-2367391
    Fax: +1-613-2367392

    People holding passports in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland,United Kingdom or any country belonging to the European Union do not need a visa to travel to Morocco if your stay will not exceed ninety days. For a stay beyond ninety days, contact the Consulate of Morocco within your country to obtain a visa.

    Other Morocco Travel Visa Exemptions
    - Transit passengers who are landing in Morocco and will take a connecting flight within 24 hours.
    - Children sixteen years old or younger may travel on their parent’s passports but they must have photographs included in their parent’s passports or entry into Morocco may be refused.

    If you need a Visa to Morocco
    If your country is not found in one of the lists above, you must apply to the Moroccan Embassy or Consulate nearest you.

    Arriving in Morocco Upon arrival at the airport you should receive a stamp in your passport. Make sure that you acquire this stamp as there have been reported situations where a stamp was not placed on a traveler’s passport and consequently, it made it difficult to leave Morocco without proof of entry.

    Extended Stay or Permanent Relocation to Morocco
    If you are already in Morocco and want to permanently relocate, or you are an exchange student, you must go to the local Moroccan police station in the district you reside. There you can contact the Bureau des Etrangers, an immigration authority, and apply for a residency permit. Applying for an extended visa can be a timely process so what some travellers do is take a trip outside of Morocco for one or two days before their three months are up. However, be aware that in a few cases people tried this and were denied re-entry until they contacted the nearest Moroccan embassy to re-apply.

    Travelers are encouraged to carry a copy of their passports with them at all times. If questioned by local officials, proof of identity and your country citizenship is important to have on you.
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