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The Caroline Myss Tour Of The Sacred Sacred Spaces Of Morocco         October 15th - 26th, 2011                                                            Pack Your Bags For a Journey of a Lifetime!


The Sacred Spaces Of Morocco Tour Itinerary

Smith Events and Travel Exploration Morocco have partnered together to create the first “Sacred Spaces Morocco Tour” featuring spiritual author, holistic speaker and medical intuitive Carolyn Myss. Pack your bags for a life-changing experience as you embrace Morocco, one of the ancient intersections of civilization with Caroline Myss!

Attending a Morocco Tour with host and speaker, Caroline Myss will offer a once in a lifetime experience to those who are looking to discover the deeper aspects of Morocco and how its culture intersects with world religions and traditions.

Each participant on this Morocco Sacred Spaces Tour will encounter 17th century palaces, glorious houses of worship and majestic gardens along with sacred spaces that maintain a bold place in Moroccan history. On this Morocco Sacred Spaces Tour one will be whisked away in every city to discover Morocco’s customs, exquisite cuisine and a shoppers’ paradise of hand made goods, made by local artisans, along with sprawling markets. Morocco’s markets, also referred to as souks, offer a wide array of pottery, fabric, antique jewelry, leather goods and carpets indigenous to each city and region. No stone will be left un turned as each day of this Sacred Spaces Morocco Tour will be filled with a sense of authenticity as you discover Morocco with like minded people.

Caroline Myss will offer lectures every other morning on a wide array of subjects ranging from Sufism to the meaning of prayer. Those lectures will be complimented by local workshops given by Moroccan experts on symbolism in Moroccan culture and feminism on the road to modernity in the Maghreb.

The breathtaking architectural sites of Morocco’s Sacred Spaces Tour with mystic, Caroline Myss at the helm of this journey will leave you with lifetime memorable moments that will offer a unique opportunity to explore and perhaps redefine your own archetype.

About Smith Events: Smith Events creates unique world tours and events featuring celebrity authors, speakers and organizations that specialize primarily in the fields of Alternative Health and Spiritual Consciousness.

About Travel Exploration Morocco: Travel Exploration Morocco is a Morocco Travel Agency based in Marrakech and Ouarzazate that creates customized, private Morocco tours to the Imperial Cities, Sahara Desert, Berber Villages and Morocco’s Sacred Spaces.

Caroline Myss, The Sacred Spaces Morocco Tour October 15th – 26th, 2011

The Sacred Spaces Tour Itinerary

Saturday, October 15
Meet at New York, JFK airport for group flight. Do NOT forget your passports. Departure early morning.

Sunday, October 16 – Casablanca | Rabat | Fes
• Casablanca Arrival at Mohammed VI Airport
• Visit Hassan II Mosque
• Take the road to Rabat
Lunch at a Traditional Moroccan Restaurant in Rabat
• Visit Hassan II Tomb & Hassan Tower
• Take the road to Fes
• Welcome Dinner – Andalucian Music Show at Les Merinides Hotel
• Spend the Night at Le Merinides Hotel in Fes (6:30pm – 8:00pm)

Monday, October 17 – Fes Historical Tour Part I
• Breakfast at Le Merinides in Fes
• Workshop with Caroline Myss: 1-2 Hours
• Fes Historical Tour for 3 Hours: 14th Palace Gates of the King
• Jewish Mellah & Tomb of Siluca, Small Jewish Museum
• Spice Market Walk through old Neighborhood
• View of Fes & Ancient Les Merinides Tombs
• Pottery & Zellij Tile Cooperative
• Batha Museum & Gardens

• Lunch in a Palais Mnebhi Restaurant in Fes
• Afternoon Shopping      
• Dinner at Les Merinides Hotel (6:30pm – 8:00pm)
• Spend the Night at Le Merinides Hotel in Fes

Tuesday, October 18 – Fes | Meknes | Volubilis

• Breakfast at Les Merinides Hotel
• Take the road to visit Meknes (passing Arab Villages and Olive Groves)

• In Meknes Visit: The Bab El Khemis, (Thursday Gate from 17th Century)
• Agdal reservoir built by Moulay Ismail
• Old Horse Stables
• The Maouselm of Moulay Ismal Mausolem & Mosque where Berber Wife is Buried
• Bab Mansour Gate,the Royal Golf Club
• Shopping for textiles made by Franciscan nuns and Tinseling process of metal
smithing onto black iron material
• Visit the Meknes souk where olives and other condiments are sold and Meknes
square where people congregate with some drumming and open space
• Lunch in Meknes at Restaurant Talib that offers local wines -made in the
region of Meknes .
• Visit the Roman Ruins of Volubilis
• Take the National Road returning to Fes
• Dinner at Les Merinides Hotel in Fes (6:30pm – 8:00pm)

• Spend the Night at Le Merinides Hotel in Fes

Wednesday, October 19 – Fes Historical Tour Part II
• Breakfast at Les Merinides in Fes
• Carolynn Myss Morning Lecture (1-2 Hours)
• Fes Historical Tour for 3 Hour
• Enter through the Bab Boujloud – the Blue Gate of Fes
• Visit the Kairouine Medersa
• Visit the Nejjarine Mosque
• Visit the Mausoleum- Zaouia Moulay Idriss (Shrine) and Zaouia Moulay Idriss II.
• Visit the Tannery
• Lunch at Palais Dar Tazi OR another Palace Restaurant in the Old City
• Afternoon Shopping
• Dinner at Les Merinides Hotel in Fes (6:30pm – 8:00pm)
• Spend the night at Les Merinides Hotel in Fes

Thursday, October 20 – 
Fes | Immozer | Ifrane | Azro | Beni Mellal | Marrakech
• Breakfast at Les Merinides in Fes
• Morning Lecture
• Take the road to Marrakech
• Coffee stop in Ifrane, Ski Town (1 Hour Break)
• Lunch in Beni Melllal en route to Marrakech – PAID BY GUESTS SEPARATELY
• Dinner at Le Meridien N’Fis
• Spend the Night at Le Meridien N’Fis in Marrakech

Friday, October 21 – Marrakech Historical Tour Part I
• Breakfast at Le Meridien N’Fis
• Carolynn Myss Morning Lecture (1-2 Hours)
• Majorelle Gardens & Visit of Mosques & Palaces, Bahia Palaces, Jewish Mellah
• Afternoon Shopping
• Lunch at Le Meridien N’Fis Hotel
• Relax at Hotel
• Dinner & Chez Ali Equestrian & Moroccan

Saturday, October 22 – Marrakech Historical Tour Part II
• Breakfast at Le Meridien N’Fis
• Bring in A Speaker or Lecturer (1-2 Hours) Find Someone for Marrakech?
• Visit of Menara Gardens & Afternoon Shopping OR Relax at Hotel & Use Spa
• Lunch at Le Meridien Hotel
• Relax at Hotel
• Dinner at Le Meridien N’Fis
• Spend the night at Le Meridien N’Fis in Marrakech

Sunday, October 23 – Marrakech | Essaouira
• Breakfast at Le Meridien N’Fis
• Carolynn Myss Morning Lecture (1- 2 Hours)
• Take the road to Essaouira
• Stop at an Argan Cooperative in Route to See How the Argan nut is made into
Argan oil, Argan butter and cosmetics
• Arrive in Essaouira
• Lunch by the sea, fresh grilled fish- catch of the day.
• Check into Sofitel Jamai Essaouira
• Half- Day Historical Tour
• Dinner at Sofitel Essaouira
• Spend the night at Sofitel Essaouira

Monday, October 24 – Essaouira
• Breakfast at Sofitel Jamai Essaouira
• Morning Lecture with Rachida About Women in Morocco, Her Views on
Classical Ideology verse Moroccan, among other subject matters
• Day FREE to explore Essaouira and relax
• Dinner at Sofitel Essaouira
• Spend the night at Sofitel Essaouira

Tuesday, October 25 – Essaouira | El Jadida | Casablanca
• Breakfast at Sofitel Jamai in Essaouira
• Carolynn Myss Morning Lecture (1- 2 Hours) Closing Lecture
• Take the road to Casablanca up the coast.
• En route to Casablanca stop in El Jadida to visit the Portuguese Cistern
• Ali Baba El Jadida at Ali Baba
• Continue the road to Casablanca
• Dinner & Spend the night at Royal Mansour Casablanca

Wednesday, October 26 –Casablanca Departure
• Breakfast at Royal Mansour

• Departure from Casablanca Mohammed V Airport

Please note that this itinerary may be changed at any time.


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